Asynchronous Collaboration Using Web-Based Tools

May 30, 2023

Remote staffing is one of the biggest trends in Healthcare IT over the last several years.  What might have started with the pandemic for teams has quickly become a permanent way of life.  Remote staffing allows you to recruit the best employee for the job wherever they are located and can also decrease operational costs by removing the need for brick-and-mortar office locations for your staff.

As many teams expand to include more remote staff, they need better tools to collaborate on their various projects.  Successful teams have a web-based process for outlining work tasks, designating assignments, tracking status, and even logging issues.

Cymetryc provides teams with a streamlined, centralized platform to manage, track, and complete their projects.  Designed specifically for software deployment, Cymetryc includes everything you need without the burden of managing an overly complex testing platform.

In addition, any data collected during the course of testing can be used to perform detailed review.  The Approve functionality in Cymetryc allows your team to share testing data, screenshots, and even attachments.  Test cases can be electronically approved, flagged as needed, issues logged, and even sent back for rework if needed.   All of this can be performed asynchronously with electronic status updates automatically sent via email to the assigned team members.

So ditch your spreadsheets and word docs.  Centralize and focus your teams on the work to be done and deliver the highest quality software you can to your end users.  Let Cymetryc streamline and simplify your software deployment process today.

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