Feature Preview: November 2023

November 6, 2023

Cymetryc is excited to announce additional workflow and performance improvements.

  • New screen preview and discard option during image capture
  • New “Testing Failures” report
  • Improved Issues Report formats and Issues navigation/filter options
  • Ability to add default followers (team members) to Issues
  • Continued improvements to Baton hand-off settings
  • Optimization of resource lists in Orchestrate

Screen Capture Preview
One of our Cymetryc users suggested we add an image preview and discard option to the screen capture process, and we thought it was a great idea.



“Testing Failures” Report
Sometimes testers will flag a step as a failure but do not create an issue for the failure.  The new Cymetryc Testing Failure report will allow you to get a summary of every failed or skipped step in an event and the testing notes related to it.


Testing Failures report is part of the Proof module > Generate Reports



Issues > Default Followers
Event owners and secondary PMs getting alerts about new issues automatically.  But what if you want your build team to get automated alerts?  What if you want the IT Team copied on Issues created by the Operations teams?

Now set default followers for all issues in Orchestrate > Event > Details.  The followers will also receive email alerts about the Issue activity and can start working to resolve ASAP.

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