June ’24 Release: Check Out the New Dashboard!

Jane Knight
June 18, 2024

Updates included within the June Cymetryc release

  • Redesigned and enhanced Dashboard
  • A new My Testing feature for greater visibility
  • Create multiple Issues from one failure within Approve
  • Streamlined Select Display defaults within Cymetryc Desktop
  • Additional filter settings for Issues
  • Updated Issues and related navigation

Introducing: A Dazzling New Dashboard!

A no-nonsense, information-packed view of your team’s testing and review progress



Simplified Testing and Review Progress widgets. Hover over the graphic to view specific counts.db2vid-cymetryc-testing-platform

Toggle between Testing and Review to quickly see activity and progress for each



Open Issues and Ready for Review have been added with links to pre-filtered views within Verify.



Efficient graphs and tables to drill down on the data you need for full visibility.



Don’t forget! You can view both Event-wide data and just your own by setting your Dashboard view.



A new My Testing feature for greater visibility of pending testing

Select another user, or unassigned testing from the dropdown to load outstanding test cases.



Streamlined Select Display defaults within Cymetryc Desktop

A small adjustment to Select Display, saving you a few clicks to select a default screen to capture.



Create additional Issues from one failure within Approve

Instead of closing out of the failure display, a user can add/relate more Issues before clicking Save.



A few additional enhancements to note:

  • Reviewers maintain the ability to edit their own review notes, and now Admin and Coordinators can edit their team’s notes as well
  • Additional filters enable quicker Issue navigation. And don’t forget – you can select multiple Issues to update at once!
  • When opening a test case related to an Issue within Verify, the test case will now open in a second browser window for easy viewing of all information.


Please reach out if you are interested in more information about these updates or want to strategize how to get the most out of Cymetryc.

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