Frequently Asked Question

Does Cymetryc offer a free trial?+

Cymetryc does not offer a free trial but you can start with as few as 10 licenses and that includes on-boarding assistance. We believe a hands-on onboarding and pilot project will best help you discover the benefits of Cymetryc.

How do I get started?+

Click Schedule Demo in the upper right corner and schedule a meeting to discuss your testing needs with one of our Technical Specialists. We can’t wait to talk with you.

Can I use Cymetryc for any application? Can I use it for more than one at a time?+

Cymetryc can be used to document any application or applications you need. Screen capture is integrated and images can be easily added for reference. We have customers testing multiple LIS systems, a variety of EHRs, middleware, and analysers in Cymetryc right now!

How do I determine how many licenses I need?+

Cymetryc is licensed by tester, i.e. people with hands on the keyboard and mouse executing testing. Users who only need portal access, like project managers, testing coordinators, or approvers are no additional cost. See our pricing

Does any of the data captured during testing reside on my PC?+

Cymetryc saves all your data dynamically to the cloud as you progress through testing. No data is stored locally. This allows your data to stay secure, lets your users collaborate, and your team to dynamically respond to issues as they are uncovered.

Is the Cymetryc platform secure?+

Cymetryc is hosted on the Azure platform using TKS 1.2 encryption in transit. All data is single tenant data store with checksum hashing and detailed audit logs. For more technical details, please contact us.

Do you support Cymetryc outside of the US?+

Cymetryc has a cloud solution in the US and one in the UK. No data is stored outside of the country of origin.

Do you have test plans to get us started?+

We do! Some templates we have developed with our vendor partners. Others were developed with our customers. If we have something to help you, we are happy to share. You can always start with our plan and customize it as needed.

Does Cymetryc offer custom test plan services?+

Your initial subscription includes on-boarding services. In the event you need more assistance, Cymetryc does provide additional services. Please contact us to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

How do I get training for Cymetryc?+

Our training is offered both as web-based training as well as remote instructor led training. We will train and assist as needed. Just let us know what you need and who the audience will be. We can get it done!

How do I download and install Cymetryc desktop?+

Once your subscription is active, a Cymetryc technical specialist will reach out to schedule a Welcome call. We will verify your user logins and provide a well link and instructions on how to install Cymetryc.

I need help. How do I contact Support?+

Support is an email (support@cymetryc.com) or phone call (970-422-7000) away. Please let us know how we can help.

How hard is Cymetryc to implement and get going?+

Sites have gotten Cymetryc licensed, installed, and started testing in as little as a week. With no server or local hardware requirements, implementation can go as fast as you need it.

What level of skill do testers need to use Cymetryc?+

Cymetryc was designed to be clear to understand, easy to navigate, and simple to use. We understand that clinical users are not IT experts. We’ve kept the application easy to understand and still provide a feature rich application.

How much time has Cymetryc really saved people?+

We have seen a 40%-60% reduction in time to test by using Cymetryc Verify. Users spend more time in their applications testing. Documentation and status updates are dynamic. Issues logging and resolution is integrated into the testing process.

What guidelines did Cymetryc use to create the proof testing formats?+

Our staff are certified medical and biomedical technologists with expertise in multiple laboratory disciplines. We have staff with decades of healthcare IT and quality testing expertise. Using that knowledge and guidelines from FDA, CAP, CLIA, and Joint Commission have helped us develop our report formats.