March 2024 Feature Information

March 8, 2024

The Cymetryc March 2024 release is here!

  • New Issues Filters – Advanced options
  • Prompt to save changes when leaving a page
  • Delete confirmation before deleting test cases/steps
  • Improved Rejection Summary report
  • Improved layouts for Cymetryc Portal

New Issues Filers & Options

Watch below to explore our new selection, mass update, and filter/advanced search options.  Managing your issues is easier than ever before.

Prompt to Save Changes

You asked for it, and we delivered!  Cymetryc will now prompt you to save any changes before leaving a page.

Delete Confirmation

Users will now be prompted before they delete any test cases or steps to verify that they want to proceed and acknowledge that any saved data will be lost.


Rejection Summary Report Enhancement

Issue details are automatically included in the Rejection Summary Report for easy cross reference.  Easily identify items that need to be added to the Issue log.



Please reach out if you are interested in more information about these updates or want to strategize how to get the most out of Cymetryc.


Cymetryc Support

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